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Change Acumen, at Your Service

To Cut Through Inertia and Uncertainty

Agent of Change


We accelerate the change process with our proven hard-nosed change acumen by assuming the following four roles in response to the client's needs.


Thought Navigator

  • Develop a broad, concise overview of the situation while taking into account diverse perspectives and interpretations

  • Clarify the management's undefined will and articulate hypothetical directions and alternatives

  • Identify issues and define key problems

Problem-Solving Facilitator

  • Build a common fact base informed by both internal and external data collection and research

  • Break down the structure of the problem and generate possible solutions through ideation and critical thinking

  • Analyze the solutions and formulate a strategic course of action

Decision-Making Conductor

  • Clarify criteria for decisions, map out the decision-making process, identify obstacles and make plans for overcoming them

  • Construct a narrative that not only makes sense logically but can generate deep commitment by framing the change as meaningful at the individual level

  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis and plan steps to win over the key players and build a critical mass of consensus

Action Catalyst

  • Agree on a plan of action that specifies the concrete timeframe, milestones, objectives, and responsibilities, taking into account the need for quick wins and the flexibility to adjust

  • Design an organizational structure and communication flows that enable speedy implementation, effective monitoring, and timely improvements
  • Manage the key stakeholders' motivation and interests to minimize resistance

Agent of Change
Our Strengths

Our Strengths


Projeteam's change acumen is built upon seven characteristics that can be summarized in the name of the father of the scientific method, "GALILEO".

Global Perspective

We possess extensive cross-border, cross-cultural business experience in emerging and least developed countries as well as developed economies.

Agile Talent

Specializing in remote consulting, we can flexibly form a project team from our global network of talented professionals, who are always prepared to hit the ground running and bring results.

Lean Approach

We carefully lay out a lean work process, which prevents spending limited time and resources on tasks that add only marginal value and allows the client to reach the goal in the fastest way possible.

Leap of Faith

We recognize the importance of continuous learning and tweaking through experimentation and do not hesitate to recommend the directionally correct course of action, which will prevent the client from falling into "analysis paralysis".

Incisive Perseverance

We strike the right balance between incisive pursuit of a crisp insight and intellectual perseverance, which obliges us to think boldly yet prudently.


We view the environment surrounding the business not as a fixed context set in stone, but as a dynamic system that can evolve through our interpretation and action. 

Outcome Orientation

We will not stop at ensuring the appropriate process and producing promised outputs. Our ultimate focus is on realizing the desired outcomes.


President's Message



Since its original founding in Tokyo in 2016 with strategy consulting as its main business, Projeteam has had the privilege to support many companies. Most of our projects to date have been related to new business creation/relaunch, new product development, and overseas market development for top-tier companies.

The global macro environment surrounding businesses is undergoing drastic changes in all aspects of politics, economy, society, and technology, and these changes are occurring quicker than ever. 

Not only is the correct answer of the past losing its validity, but the approach to finding the correct answer is also quickly becoming obsolete. We will lose out on future possibilities by relying heavily on previous experience, established conventions in existing fields, and the common sense that worked successfully in the past.

What is needed is the resourcefulness to find a way forward in ambiguous, uncharted territory and the proactive ingenuity to produce, through our own decisions and actions, answers to the questions that have no right answer. The success of businesses will depend on the ability to muster and utilize such hard-nosed acumen honed and proven through hands-on involvement in extensive real-world projects.

Projeteam's mission is to provide our change acumen that is crucial in carrying through strategic transformation and work side by side with companies that strive to create their own future by cutting through inertia and uncertainty. We will continue doing our utmost to help clients who feel as if their company is lost in the fog and navigate them to the sky above the clouds.

Seo Seungchul

Founder and President

Projeteam, Inc.

Personal Bio

A graduate of Waseda University and the University of Michigan, where he earned his first master’s degree, Seo Seungchul started his career in the field of international development. Working for international organizations as a field officer, he gained experience in organizational and human resource development in the context of developing countries. 

He then joined Bain & Company and honed strategic analysis and planning skills through his involvement in consulting projects in a wide range of themes and industries at Bain’s Tokyo and Chicago offices. After he earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, he entered the internet service industry and held a variety of executive positions at Groupon Japan, mediba (KDDI Group company), and AIP (currently Rakuten Insight Global).

Born in Japan, he has extensive international experience in both for-profit and non-profit settings across the world, in countries such as the United States, Switzerland, South Korea, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil, and Fiji.


Company Info


Company Name



Projeteam, Inc.

October 2021

1) Management consulting

Themes and areas that we are good at

  • Support for new business creation

  • New product / service strategy

  • Overseas market development strategy

  • Emerging market strategy

  • Market research, industry analysis

  • Acquisition strategy, due diligence

  • Post-acquisition business integration support

  • Organization strengthening / training

2) Others


Accounting Period

Business Address


Seo Seungchul, President

October to September

453 S Spring ST, Spring Arts Tower STE 400-375

Los Angeles, CA 90013-2074, USA

Company name and logo


Projeteam's name derives from (1) a "project team" approach in which human resources with the necessary skills across various fields are brought together to work in flexible, goal-focused collaboration, and (2) the French term "projet", which encapsulates existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre's idea of the fundamental mode of human existence.

The silhouette of a ballerino in the air executing a grand jeté (from French; literally meaning "big throw") in our corporate logo also symbolizes Sartre's words "Se projeter dans l'avenir" ("Throw oneself into the future"), which is the motto we stand behind.

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